QC launches ‘Mootis’, a legal social network with 500-word ‘tweets’

Head of Exchange Chambers Bill Braithwaite QC has designed Mootis to allow users to monitor trending topics, integrate their Mootis feed with other social networks and create polls and surveys.

Users can register via the site or through Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and share audio, documents, images and videos.

One key function will be users’ ability to create ‘moots’, which are Mootis’ version of tweets and which Braithwaite has extended from a mere 140 characters to a chunky 500 words.


Braithwaite said: “Sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook are hugely successful, but we feel the world of legal services is large enough to warrant its own, bespoke platform.

“So many legal professionals – at all levels – understand the need to engage with social media but are not entirely comfortable with the general nature of what is out there at the moment.

“For the thousands of legal professionals yet to engage with social media this is their chance to get in at the beginning of something new and exciting. It’s a brand new platform, a level playing field.”