White & Case NQ retention rate steady at 94 per cent

White & Case’s newly qualified (NQ) retention rate for March 2012 qualifiers has offered a ray of hope for final seat trainees.

The US-headquartered firm has announced it is retaining 94 per cent, keeping 15 out of 16 of its qualifying trainees solicitors.

The figures are steady on its last two NQ intakes, holding onto 15 out of 16 in September 2011, giving it a result of 94 per cent.

Meanwhile, the firm posted a rate of 92 per cent in March 2011, retaining 12 out of 13 of its trainees.

The news points to further recovery in the NQ market following a number of rosier results, with the majority of retention rates announced to date sitting above 80 per cent.

Travers Smith is the only firm so far to announce 100 per cent retention rate, keeping all four of its trainees (5 January 2012).