The Pupillage Hunt

My friend recently reminded me that from as early as the beginning of secondary school I had professed that I wanted to be a barrister when “I grew up”. Bar a brief (and somewhat unrealistic) wish to become rich and famous through a singing career around the age of 15, this dream of a life defending those accused of scandulous and ludicrous crimes has never changed.

I worked hard throughout secondary school, university and at postgraduate level on the GDL and BPTC. I have undertaken mini-pupillages, completed internships and work experience, attended numerous qualifying sessions and networking events and dedicated myself to volunteering. Yet pupillage is still, at the moment, a distant dream.

It is hard to keep a positive attitude when your aspirations of becoming a barrister are continuously met with another rejection letter. However, a positive mentality and fierce determination is exactly the attitude I must have. I have the passion, the grades and the flare to succeed as a barrister. My progress and success academically and my unfaltering commitment to the bar through extra curricular activities are evidence to this. Whilst remaining realistic about the current dreary state of pupillage I also must believe that it is not a case of “if” but “when”.

I am certainly not giving up on my dream just yet and for those amongst the many on the hunt for pupillage I would say exactly the same to you!

Nicola Downey has just finished studying the BPTC at BPP Law school, Holborn. She studied history at Nottingham Trent University and completed the GDL at Nottingham Law School.