The Earth Shook: Week one on my training contract

There were tremors felt across the county causing our offices to shake violently during the first full week of my training contract. The British Geological Survey put it down to a “sonic event” and said it was not related to an earthquake. I’m not so sure.

This was probably the most exciting part the week for me but the rest of the week was pretty exciting too. In fact, it’s been a bit of a culture shock for me after the kind of work I’ve done before.

I feel very privileged to be training at a small high street firm in general practice. The work is very varied and always interesting. But after being used to working in an open plan environment, having my very own office feels weird. It’s odd working in a room on my own and not having the constant interaction with colleagues that you get with an open plan office. I feel strange being able to walk into other people’s offices even when the door is closed. I’ve been keeping mine open most of the time, as to be quite frank, I feel a bit lonely!

Previously, doing defended personal injury there has been a huge caseload and very high workloads from day one. Here, the volume of work is not very high yet but I’m sure it will start to creep upwards. This is reflected in the fact that the phone rarely rings yet. I’m making the most of this lull to learn about internal procedures in the office manual.

So far there’s been a great variety of work. I’ve been involved in: employment, debt, conveyancing, land disputes, separation agreements, personal injury and intellectual property. However there has also been a lot of reviewing of old files and chasing up outstanding bills.

Not exactly earth shattering but not bad for week one!