Student group launches, promising action on legal aid cuts

A student group aimed at defending legal aid has been established, following demonstrations by criminal barristers and solicitors at courts across the country.

The group, named Students for Legal Aid, operates under the Twitter handle @Stdnts4LegalAid. It announced its presence via the social network on Monday 6 January, the day on which many criminal lawyers chose to strike and demonstrate in opposition to legal aid cuts imposed by the Government (6 January 2014). 

The group, which labels itself “a network of students committed to fighting to protect legal aid” promises that its first action will come soon and will be held at university campuses across the country.

It also appeals for advice and support from other students, academics and qualified lawyers.

The group, which yesterday tweeted: “Students are the future of the legal profession. We will not stand by and watch the justice system be dismantled by Grayling and his cronies,” has amassed 500 followers in just 48 hours.

At the time of writing the group had not responded to requests for comment.