SJ Berwin retains 74 per cent of trainees

SJ Berwin will keep 14 of its 19 September qualifiers on in newly-qualified (NQ) positions this year.

The result is a slight drop from the firm’s spring retention rate, when 11 of 14 qualifiers (79 per cent) stayed on

SJ Berwin has enjoyed mixed retention results in recent years. High points include autumn 2011, when 15 of 17 qualifiers (88 per cent) stayed on in NQ jobs, and spring 2012, when all eight were retained.

In autumn 2012, however, retention dropped to just 64 per cent. This can be attributed to the fact that the firm had a much larger qualifying class than normal, due to the deferral of start dates in 2010. Out of a total of 42 qualifiers, 27 stayed on as NQs. 

Nicola Bridge, training principal at SJ Berwin, said: “We were very impressed with the level of talent this year. The continued high retention rates go far to demonstrate that SJ Berwin remains an attractive option for trainees.”

The news follows last week’s announcement that confirmed a merger between SJ Berwin and King & Wood Mallesons has been approved by the firm’s partners. It is anticipated that it will go through on 1 November 2013.