RPC to offer training contracts at new Bristol base

RPC is looking into whether it could start offering training contracts from its Bristol base following a rise in revenues at the 2012/13 year end year.

The firm unveiled a 20 per cent revenue rise from £68m in 2011/12 to to £82.1m at the end of 2012/13. RPC is yet to finalise PEP figures for the year, but said the turnover rise came as a result of significant investment over the last two years (11 June 2013).

This included the opening of a Bristol base following the hire of seven insurance partners from CMS Cameron McKenna in the city (3 January 2012).

Recruitment partner Simon Goldring told Lawyer 2B the firm was currently exploring exapnsion options in Bristol, including whether to offer training contracts in the city.

“That is something we are currently considering and that is likely to happen in the next couple of years,” he said.

The firm launched in Hong Kong office in August 2012 (4 April 2012) following the opening of its first overseas base in Singapore (27 October 2011). The firm has said that it plans to start offering secondments to these locations in the future, but stressed that this was a matter of timing.

Goldring suggested that the number of training contracts at the firm’s London base would rise as the firm expanded. “I think over time we would increase it, 18-20 trainees is a reasonable number at the moment,” he said.

RPC transferred its legal director Jeremy Hewitt from London to Singapore in March 2012, citing increasing its “local offering” in the wake of Asian growth as the key reason for the move (5 March 2012).