Readers split over BPP’s offer to unemployed LPC graduates

Lawyer2B readers are divided over whether BPP’s offer to unemployed LPC graduates is a great help for students or a marketing gimmick.

Polled for their reaction to the news, 39 per cent of respondents welcomed the move as a great help for students while 34 per cent slammed the offer as a marketing gimmick.

Other readers were also wary of the offer with 22 per cent saying “students need jobs, not more courses”.

Last week, BPP announced plans to offer students who do not obtain legal employment in the six months after graduation a free place on another course (1 May 2013).

Billed as “a way of demonstrating our commitment to enhancing the CVs of all of our students” the private provider is allowing legal practice course (LPC) students who are not successful in their search for a permanent legal role to undertake another qualification worth up to £16,500 for free.

The offer is also open to students starting BPP’s LLB and graduate diploma in law (GDL) courses in September who then go on to study the LPC.

Students have to be able to demonstrate that they have made a “reasonable” effort to secure legal employment, although no application quota has been set.

Reacting to the news last week, Nigel Savage, chief executive of the University of Law, formerly the College of Law, labelled the initiative “a gimmick” and “cheap marketing”, while former BPP student Katie Mellor, who completed her LPC last June and is now a legal adviser at Pannone, took a more positive view of the offer saying “I think it’s a great move. It highlights confidence in your students.” (2 May 2013)