Part-time BPTC students half as likely to get pupillage as full-time ones

Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) students who study part-time are half as likely to gain pupillage as those who study full-time.

Research by the Bar Standards Board found that around 20 per cent of BPTC students from the UK and EU who took the course full time in 2013 gained pupillage.

By contrast, less than 11 per cent of UK/EU-based part-time students who started in 2012 and took the course over two years were successful in securing a place in chambers.

The report also cast light on how long it typically takes to secure pupillage. For students completing the BPTC in 2011, 141 out of 1,334 had started their pupillage withing six months of finishing, equating to 10.5 per cent of the total intake that year.

A further 131 (10 per cent) started between six and 18 months of completing the BPTC, while 67 (5 per cent) began pupillage more than 18 months after ending the bar course. That leaves 995, or 75 per cent, who had yet to commence pupillage by August 2015.

The data has also made clear which law schools have the best track record for graduates who go on to get pupillage, and revealed that a quarter of BPTC students have a 2:2 degree.


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