Nabarro trainee vacancies drop by almost 30 per cent

The number of training contracts being offered at City firm Nabarro has decreased by 28.6 per cent.

The firm has 10 fewer positions compared to last year. A total of 35 places were available for the July 2012 deadline while 25 places are available for the July 2013 deadline.

A member of the graduate recruitment team stressed that there would be no change to the trainee experience, adding: “It’s really just following the market. All firms are either keeping training contract numbers the same or lowering them. It’s just following market conditions.”

They added: “There’s no change in terms of what trainees are getting.”

International and client secondment opportunities will not change nor will the amount of pro-bono work available to trainees.

Nabarro announced a retention rate of 69 per cent for newly qualified solicitors earlier this year (20 August 2012).