Nabarro keeps 69 per cent of NQs

Nabarro has revealed a newly qualified (NQ) retention rate of 69 per cent for September 2012.

The top 20 law firm offered NQ positions to 11 trainees out of a 13-strong cohort and nine accepted.

The results are a significant drop from the previous qualification round in September 2011, when the firm kept 19 out of 20 trainees, giving it a 95 per cent NQ retention rate (6 July 2011).

The news follows Scottish-firm MacRoberts posting the lowest NQ retention rate to date, holding onto just 18 per cent of its NQs, witht two trainees staying at the firm out of 11 (17 August 2012).

Meanwhile, Latham & Watkins and Finers Stephens Innocent retained 92 and 43 per cent respectively.