Mixed response as staggered LPC and GDL applications are scrapped

The Law Central Applications Board (Lawcabs) has abolished staggered application dates for the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) in favour of one cut-off date.

The news has received mixed reactions from top law schools, with concerns on whether the removal of first and second round deadlines may encourage students to delay their applications.

The City Law School deputy GDL course director Sarah Gale believes that having a first round was a clear incentive to get applications in early. She added: “There’s a danger that far more students might now leave it until the last minute to apply.”

Agreeing, Kaplan Law School head of careers Gemma Baker advises students to get their applications in to Lawcabs as early as possible.

Meanwhile, BPP Law School chief executive Peter Crisp believes the change will make the whole application process more transparent and efficient.

He added: “Having a rolling deadline is beneficial for applicants – as they won’t be straight jacketed by strict deadlines and can find out much more quickly the outcome of their application.”

Sarah Hutchinson, the board member for business development at the College of Law (CoL), agreed, saying it will cut out delays and allow CoL to make offers within a short period of time that students can accept immediately.

Lawcabs is currently creating an updated application form and revamping its website for applications for courses starting from January 2012.

Applications made via the new website will be released to institutions weekly from the beginning of November 2011. Institutions will also be able to send out offers at their discretion.