Links students inspired by ‘Aspire’

Linklaters is planning to make students’ wishes come true through an innovative competition called ‘Aspire’ aimed at giving something back to the community.

In line with its ‘Link Up. Change a life’ campaign, launched last year as an alternative to handing out branded items at law fairs, this latest competition is aimed at providing a prize that helps students fulfil some worthy aspirations that may help them to develop themselves or the community.

Joint graduate recruitment partner Euan Clarke said: “It’s not about shouting about the firm’s own aspirations or corporate responsibility from the rooftops, but being informative to students; giving students some insight into the big things the firm values and seeks, as well as a chance to make a difference themselves. Just as we’re keen not to hand out meaningless freebies on campus, we don’t want to hold a competition that doesn’t really achieve anything either.

“We’re looking for people who aspire to be the very best at what they do, as we do as a firm; and so providing a prize that helps a few people fulfil some worthy aspirations seems to be a good fit with that idea.”

The ‘Link Up’ campaign resulted in ­Linklaters donating £20,000 to three charities: Projeto Alavanca, in São Paulo; Lawyers in Schools, in Hackney; and Project Lend a Hand, in Singapore.

Suggestions may include getting a new suit for interviews, learning a new language or getting funding to clean up a local park.