Law student crowned Miss University of London

A law student proved she had brains as well as beauty after winning the Miss University of London beauty contest.

King’s College cutie Susheel Bal (pictured on the left) claimed victory in the early rounds of the competition, which was set up to raise money for Cancer Research UK, when she was crowned Miss King’s.

The 20-year-old then went on to beat 13 other contenders from University College London, London School of Economics, Queen Mary, Regents College and the School of Oriental and African Studies in the finals.

“It was such a great evening and all the girls were really nice. It wasn’t anything like you see on TV with girls tripping each other up or stabbing each other in the back just to win,” claimed Susheel.

But the start of the pageant on Monday (9 March) turned ugly when a gang of female students demonstrating against the show padlocked themselves to the doors of the Marylebone nightclub where the event was being held.

Firefighters were called in to use bolt cutters to remove the placard-weilding students so that the competition could go-ahead.

Susheel said: “It was a charity event and all a bit of lighthearted fun. We weren’t parading in bikinis or anything like that. I think everyone is entitled to their view but if you want to embrace feminism you should allow people to make their own choices.”

The lucky Spanish-born student walked away with clothing vouchers, jewellery and £500 cash.