Kent Law School students campaign to save Medway LLB

A host of aspiring lawyers from the University of Kent are rallying for support to save their law school.

Almost 200 people have signed a petition entitled ’Save Kent Law School at Medway’, following the announcement that the University is withdrawing the LLB (Hons) Law course from its Medway campus.

The Medway campus offers students at Kent Law School the opportunity to study the LLB as a full-time and part-time programme.

In a statement from the University of Kent a spokesperson said: “The decision to suspend the admission of students to the full-time Medway LLB programme is a consequence of the major changes in funding for higher education being introduced in 2012. Faced with withdrawal of all government teaching funding for non-science subjects, the university has decided to charge a fee of £9,000 per year for all its honours degrees from 2012.

“The Medway LLB is unique among the university’s programmes in that nearly all lectures are recordings of Canterbury LLB lectures and are delivered by podcast. However, the university has concluded that this form of delivery is unlikely to be acceptable to students when the fee is £9,000 per year”

The university plans to introduce at Medway a one-year certificate, equivalent to the first year of the LLB programme, which will have different entry requirements and a reduced fee. Students who pass the certificate will be able to complete their LLB degree at Canterbury.

In the petition one former student wrote: “As a very successful student taught on the Medway Campus I believe this narrow-minded and fear driven decision reflects how out of touch the administration are at campus at Canterbury.”

Another former student said: “Without Medway Law School I would never have got my degree, the pressures of a child and a home as well as travelling to another campus would have been impractical.”