International trade tie-up for Stephenson Harwood and BPP

Stephenson Harwood and BPP Law School have launched an international trade and transactions elective for the firm’s London trainees from March 2013.

BPP will also now be the exclusive provider of training for the firms’ legal practice course (LPC) and graduate diploma in law (GDL) students.

The elective will cover a range of topics, preparing students for the legal and commercial issues which they will encounter in practice whilst working at Stephenson Harwood.

These topics will be taught through the use of case studies covering: conflicts of law (contract and tort); commercial contracts (including Incoterms, e-commerce, jurisdiction clauses, international payment mechanisms and the control of risk); the international sale and transportation of goods; financial aspects of international trade and transactions; shipping law (wet and dry); aviation; energy law; and international arbitration.

In a statement, Neil Noble, Stephenson Harwood’s training principal partner, commented: “Stephenson Harwood is focused on providing its trainees with innovative training and this unique introduction to aspects of international trade law, together with a range of topics which will impact upon international commercial transactions, will further enhance their learning and understanding of this key area, and be of direct relevance and application to their training contracts.”

In June, Dechert ditched BPP as its exclusive LPC provider in favour of the College of Law (CoL), due to the introduction of the CoL’s new International LPC (20 June 2012).

Dechert followed in CMS Cameron McKenna’s footsteps, after the top 20 firm formed a new partnership with CoL to support the launch of the International LPC earlier this year (25 April 2012).