ILEX reports big jump in members

The Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) is attracting increasing numbers of aspiring lawyers as an alternative path to a legal career.

Diane Burleigh, ILEX

Diane Burleigh, ILEX

The figures report a 40 per cent rise between 2009 and 2010, in the number of exams being taken for the Level three Professional Diploma in Law and Practice, which is the equivalent to A-Level standard.

Chief Executive at ILEX, Diane Burleigh said: “What is so brilliant about this increase is that more students are recognising the benefits of becoming ILEX members,”

“The next 12 months will see ILEX members making a big impact on the legal sector, particularly when ABS [Alternative Business Structures] commence, as legal executive lawyers have the client care training and expert legal knowledge that these commercial ventures will need.”

The news arrives following the first legal executive lawyer being appointed as a judge last year. Moreover there are now more than 100 ILEX members as partners in law firms.

ILEX has also expanded the amount of units offered for its Level 6 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice, with almost 2,000 students sitting the exams in January 2011, and overall it has seen an increase of just fewer than 4,000 unit exams being taken last year, jumping from 9,373 to 13,090.