Eversheds awards extra points for language skills

Eversheds is targeting aspiring lawyers with specific language skills for the first time, awarding point advantages in line with the level of experience.

Angus MacGregor

Angus MacGregor

The top 20 firm is keen to align its graduate recruitment with business needs and believes that language skills will facilitate greater movement between international offices.

“With the increasing internationalisation of our business and the particular push from a couple of practice areas, such as competition and international arbitration, we’re faced with the challenge to hire and move ­talent with language skills around our business,” said HR manager Angus MacGregor. “We have therefore emphasised language skills in the graduate hiring process such that good non-English language skills for our trainees of the future will be the norm rather than the exception.”

As part of the graduate recruitment process, each candidate has to achieve more than 80 points out of 100 in their initial applications to be put through to the ­assessment centres.

If the applicant has a language, points will be awarded on the fluency level, whether it is written or spoken, and if they have worked in the country and used the language within a business context.

Without a language students are only able to gain a maximum of 10 points out of 20 for ’other skills’, while a language will allow up to 15 extra points.

Eversheds is particularly looking for ­people with Mandarin, Arabic and European language skills.

The language policy is being reviewed as part of a wider strategic review. Some of the proposals under consideration include the need for at least A-level standard foreign language experience and all potential ­promotions to partner having completed an ­international office or client secondment.