Editor’s weekly: The day finally arrived for BPP

Following years of planning and no doubt a little bit of praying, BPP College of Professional Studies has been named as the UK’s first new private sector university college for more than 30 years (see story).

This is the first time a private institution has been awarded the university college title since Buckingham University College was created in 1976.

But for a while it didn’t look like things were going to happen for BPP. First of all there was the fact that its US parent Apollo Group was investigated by the SEC in connection with accounting irregularities (see story).

Then, just when it thought it had cleared that up, the Bar Standards Board came along and hit it with an investigation into the oversubscription of its Bar Vocational Course (BVC) (see story).

Regardless, it has now achieved its goal. The challenge now will be to make sure that the new university college title, and all that comes with it, does not distract from what is essentially BPP’s bread and butter – teaching business and law.