Editor’s weekly: Autumn days

What’s the significance of 1 September? For many penultimate year law students it is judgment day as they finally find out whether all the hard work has paid off. That’s because 1 September is the date when law firms traditionally send out their training contract offer letters.

For me, however, the day marked the official start of autumn as I finally swapped my summer duvet with something much more snug. Also, I hate to admit this but I also turned the heating on for the first time.

Although I hate the fact it’s now dark when I get up in the mornings autumn is my favourite time of the year. Mostly because it’s my birthday later this month but also because it is the time of year when law firms gear up to launch their new graduate recruitment campaigns.

So what’s the new recruitment calendar likely to have in stock for aspiring lawyers? The good news is that the market is looking a little more stable and with the exception of Beachcroft, it looks as though trainee deferrals have become a thing of the past meaning most firms should’ve ironed out their intakes over the next 12 months or so.

That said, most recruiters remain cautious with many still keeping a close eye on the amount they are spending on marketing activities on campus. For instance a number of firms I’ve spoken to have decided against law fair freebies or are simply planning to hand out stuff that was left over from last year.  Incidentally, don’t forget to vote in our new poll on which freebies are the most useful.

Another fly in the ointment is the continuous trend of firms introducing extra layers of testing for applicants. I know of at least three recruiters that are toying with the idea of introducing tests between the application form and assessment day stage so watch this space.

Whatever happens over the next couple of months the autumn is the busiest time of year for law students and as always Lawyer2B.com is here to help.