Deformed carrot finds new role as Cartmell Shepherd mascot

Cumbrian firm Cartmell Shepherd has found a new mascot, in the shape of a deformed carrot left on the doorstep of one of its secretaries.

According to local newspaper News & Star, the vegetable was discovered by the secretary’s husband, who made the decision to draw on eyes and a mouth. The secretary then brought it to work at the firm, where colleagues named it ‘Carrot-mell Shepherd’ and appointed it as their mascot.

Partner Carol Fish told News & Star: “Myself and trainee solicitor Emma Aitken decided to tweet it out there as it’s the same colours as Cartmell Shepherd.

“People have been in hysterics over it – but it is quite an amazing-looking vegetable.”

It is not known how long ‘Carrot-mell Shepherd’ will continue as the firm’s mascot, or whether succession planning is in place for when it inevitably begins to decompose.