Clyde & Co to ramp up US and Dubai trainee recruitment

Clyde & Co will increase its trainee recruitment drive in the US and Middle East from next year.

Clydes, where turnover rose by 17 per cent at the 2012/13 year end to £336.3m (11 June 2013), set out its to grow its trainee intake internationally. It plans to recruit both from the local population of overseas offices and trainees in the UK who are keen to work overseas on qualification.

Clydes global human resources director Charlie Keeling said: “Most of the growth is coming internationally and we are more and more on the look out for recruiting internationally.”

He added: “Overall, globally, we will be increasing trainee numbers, although not necessarily in the UK. We want people to train with us who want international experience once they’re qualified.”

Clydes will start to second a trainee to a US office in 2014 and will recruit locally from 2015. The number of trainees recruited is not yet known as it will depend on market growth, although Keeling said that the US location was likely to be New York or San Fransisco.

The firm already sends three trainees to its Dubai office on six-month secondments. From 2014, it will recruit trainees locally. Again, exact numbers depend on the market.

Keeling emphasised that trainee recruitment expansion in Dubai and the US would not affect numbers recruited in the UK.

Clyde & Co is also considering launching apprenticeships but has not formalised its strategy for recruitment as yet. Keeling said: “We are looking very carefully at apprenticeships. We want to ensure that we do this properly and consider the context of apprentices.”

Profits per equity partner (PEP) rose by just over 5 per cent to £580,000, just above the £550,000 predicted by chief executive Peter Hasson last year.

Hasson said of Clydes’ international growth: “Despite ongoing global economic challenges, revenue growth across our network has been steady with solid performance in the US, Middle East and Asia.”

During 2012 and 2013, the firm continued to expand globally with office openings in Australia, Libya, Beijing and Spain (16 April 2013).