Cardiff raises BPTC fees by 3 per cent

Cardiff Law School (CLS) has hiked its Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) fees to £12,180, a rise of almost 3 per cent.

While CLS’s fees now sit at the top end of legal professional training course costs outside of London its BPTC still remains around 25 per cent cheaper than the four main institutions in London.

CLS BPTC Course Leader Jetsun Lebasci said: “We believe that the cost of our course compares favourably with other out of London providers of the BPTC. The BPTC is a very resource intensive course and we give our students the opportunity for significant practices of the new skills that they learn.”

The legal course provider has also boosted its Legal Practice Course (LPC) fees from £9,950 up to £10,250 for 2012-13 entry.

The news follows BPP Law School, the College of Law and Kaplan Law School announcing rises in each of their fees, with the BPTC costing £16,540, £16,140 and £15,800 respectively (19 January 2012).

Meanwhile, their LPC fees sit at £13,550, £13,180 and £12,850 respectively in London for 2012-13.

Elsewhere, Northumbria Law School has boosted its fees by up to 12 per cent, with its BPTC and LPC costing £12,000 and £9,000 respectively (6 January 2012).