BSB probes BPP and Northumbria for exceeding student quotas on BVC

BPP Law School and Northumbria Law School are both being investigated by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) after it emerged that they over-subscribed students on their Bar Vocational Courses (BVC).

The BSB had only validated Northumbria to take on a maximum of 100 students a year but the school has exceeded that number by 30.

Meanwhile, BSB had already told BPP to ask some of its BVC students to push back their start dates in a bid to reduce spiralling student numbers.

The school, which is one of the biggest BVC providers in the country, has asked students to consider pushing back their start dates to September 2010 in return for a “loyalty discount” of 15 per cent on next year’s fees.

The BSB said both cases are currently being considered by the Bar Professional Training Course sub-committee to ensure that the quality of delivery of the course is not diminished.

A spokesman said: “The BSB is also seeking explanations from both providers as to why the current situation has arisen and the measures they will be putting into place to prevent or limit the possibility of it occurring again.”

Northumbria claimed that the over-recruitment on its full-time BVC was offset by the under-recruitment of 44 students on its part-time BVC and by seven students on its LLB Barristers Exempting Degree.

A spokesman for Northumbria said: “This was unintentional. Any request for a deferral will be met sympathetically.”