BPTC students face rising fees

Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) fees have been hiked this year by almost every major provider, with one raising the price by more than 10 per cent.

The three biggest private providers in London, the College of Law, BPP and Kaplan, have all set their London prices at £17,350. Last year, prices were set at £16,540 at BPP, £16,140 at the College of Law and £15,800 at Kaplan. This price hike represents a 6 per cent rise at BPP, an 8 per cent rise at the College of Law and 11 per cent at Kaplan.

Peter Crisp, chief executive of BPP, said: “It remains our most expensive programme because it is our most resource-heavy programme. There are four students to every tutor. The fees unfortunately reflect that. But we have many scholarships and an exclusive law loan with Investec. In terms of value, it’s second to none.”

The fact the providers have chosen the same fee levels is understood to be a coincidence.

City Law School meanwhile has set its price at £16,500, the same fee as last year.

Northumbria Law School will now charge £12,500 rather than last year’s £12,000. BPTC students at Cardiff Law School will also pay £12,500. Last year Cardiff students paid £12,180. This is a 4 per cent and 2.5 per cent rise respectively.

The launch of the Bar Course Aptitude Test angered students last month (20 February 2013).