BPP launches LLM in financial regulation

BPP Law School has been hailed a “Centre of Excellence” by the Securities and Investment institute (SII), meaning some students will be handed a SII Diploma in Investment Compliance upon qualification.

The school will be launching an LLM in financial regulation and compliance in September 2009 and will also be offering a specialised module in financial regulation and compliance on its existing LLM in Professional Legal Practice.

Graduates of these masters degrees will be eligible for full SII membership and will qualify for the award of the SII Diploma in Investment Compliance.

Dean of BPP Law School Peter Crisp said: “These masters degrees will produce graduates who understand not only the financial side of investment, but also its legal, regulatory and compliance aspects and the ethical values which should underpin practice in this area.”

The Centre of Excellence designation is awarded to a select group of universities and institutions considered by the SII to offer leadership in academic education focusing on financial markets.