BPP hands training contract lifeline to cash-strapped student

BPP Law School has offered a free legal practice course (LPC) place to a graduate who could not afford private tuition fees after the National College of Legal Training (NCLT) terminated the course.


University of Essex graduate Laura Wrixon had planned to take part in a weekend study course provided by NCLT costing £5,900. However, the NCLT announced that it would stop providing the course from September (24 May 2013).

Wrixon said the decision would impact her directly as she would not be able to afford the £13,950 charged by BPP for a similar course.

On learning that the NCLT course had been terminated Wrixon tweeted: “Very disappointed to hear this. It was the only affordable London option for me. Now have to rethink career.”

Writing for Lawyer2B she continued: “The legal education market seems geared at those who will make a lot of money” (29 May 2012).

BPP dean Peter Crisp got in touch with Wrixon upon learning of her dilemma with an offer to help save her career, offering a free spot on the part-time weekend course offered by BPP.

He told Lawyer2B: “I was very impressed indeed with her. Just the sort of person the profession needs to be encouraging. Engaging with students is absolutely the best part of this job. I’m a very lucky man.”

Wrixon, who had written of her first-class degree and her work at the British Institute of Human Rights and the Public Law Project, said: “He has changed my life and I can now pursue my dream without the worry of debt. It’s crazy how much that one little tweet has led to. I am in total shock.”