BPP gets go-ahead to run BPTC in Brum, providing ULaw with competition in the city

BPP Law School’s Birmingham branch has been granted permission to offer the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC).

It will offer 48 places on the course.

BPP’s BPTC director Anna Banfield said: “This will allow students to study the BPTC in Birmingham, where they may live or intend to practice, and make it easier for them to develop links with the local bar.”

BPP will be charging £14,690 in fees – more than the University of Law (ULaw), which is the only other provider to run the BPTC in Birmingham. ULaw charges £13,925.

BPP and ULaw are increasingly dominant as providers of the bar course. Last May Kaplan scrapped its BPTC, saying that the high cost of running the course made it financially unviable, and referred its students to ULaw.


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