Amnesty International poll: no public appetite to scrap Human Rights Act

The repeal of the Human Rights Act is a low priority for the general public, a survey by ComRes for Amnesty International has found.

The governement has pledged to scrap the Act following its election victory in May. However, the survey found that just 3 per cent of British adults said it should be the most important priority for the government, and only 11 per cent ranked repealing the Act within their top three priority issues for the government.

The poll also found that 46 per cent of those surveyed would not want to remove any of the rights currently in the Human Rights Act from a new bill of rights.

Some 29 per cent of those polled thought that the Human Rights Act has not been fairly represented in the British press.

Amnesty UK director Kate Allen said: “The government should abandon its ill-advised plans to repeal the Human Rights Act. There’s simply no appetite for their proposals among the British public

“It’s great to have it confirmed that British people think that rights and protections must apply to everyone equally in order to work at all. That includes people whose beliefs and actions we might profoundly disagree with, and it’s all the more important we stick to our enduring principles in challenging times.

“The government has said it wants to consult on its proposals, and we have done their job for them here. The message from the British people is clear; leave the Human Rights Act alone.”


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