Allen & Overy working on “blank canvas” overhaul of trainee selection process

Allen & Overy is reviewing its trainee selection process, with an eye on testing for the skills and attributes its lawyers will need in the future.

Graduate recruitment partner Claire Wright told Lawyer 2B that the recent changes to the Graduate Recruitment Code had given the firm more of a “blank canvas” to work from. Allen & Overy has already moved its training contract deadline forward by six months since the Code was revised to allow students to be recruited from their second year at university.

Wright said the firm wanted to better reflect the attributes lawyers will require in 2020 in its selection process. “We currently have first and second-line screening, a competency interview and a case study interview. We need to think about whether that is selecting the right people,” she said.

“There is a recognition that the role of a lawyer will change and there will be development in the type of skills lawyers will have to focus on,” Wright added. ”If you think about the professional advisors companies surround themselves with to help shape their business, there are accountants, business consultants, financial advisors, lawyers. We don’t want to be reduced to the role of a subcontractor, with one of those other advisors leading – we want to be the ones leading.”

Wright also highlighted an “increased focus on a global mindset,” saying that in future it will be looking for students with “an expectation they will be working overseas and on multi-jurisdictional transactions. We will be seeking people who are actively excited by that.”

The firm is hoping to have its new selection process in place by the time of its next recruitment round in October 2016.

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