Allen & Overy records highest trainee retention since before recession

Allen & Overy is keeping on 93 per cent of its spring qualifying trainees.

The magic circle firm offered newly-qualified (NQ) positions to 43 of the 45 final-seat trainees who applied for a job, out of a total intake of 46. All those offered a role accepted.

It is A&O’s best retention result since the recession, and the first time the firm has kept on more than 90 per cent of its trainees since spring 2009, when 91 per cent of the qualifying cohort was kept on. However, as the chart below demonstrates, the size of the firm’s trainee intake has shrunk considerably since then. A&O had 66 trainees qualifying in spring 2010, compared to 43 this time round.

Yesterday, Freshfields became the first magic circle firm to report its retention figures for spring 2015, keeping 85 per cent of its qualifiers.

A&O retention 2015