AccuTrainee defends trainee track record

AccuTrainee has defended its track record of finding training contracts for five trainees despite over 600 aspiring lawyers having applied to its service from its launch until last September.

The service, which seconds prospective trainees who cannot find training contracts to law firms and in-house legal departments to allow them to complete their training independently, has secured training contracts for just five trainees since last summer.

CEO Susan Cooper told Lawyer 2B that she was pleased with the business’ track record but could not confirm how many aspiring lawyers are currently on its books.

She said: “Five trainees who would not have had a training contract otherwise have found employment. We are not about trying to artificially boost numbers. We have been told by people that we have placed that they would not have had training contracts without this organisation.”

She acknowledged that finding trainee employment in the current market was a challenge.

Referencing the news that training contract numbers have fallen ten per cent in the last year to 1998 levels, she said: “It is not an easy market, large organisations are reducing numbers left, right and centre. There is no point putting a trainee in a firm which does not have the work to support it.”

Talking about AccuTrainee’s approach to placing trainees, she said that it always tried to identify premium candidates in the market and used a robust selection process to identify individuals.

AccuTrainee was established in late 2011 (19 September 2011). It secured its first training contract for a recruit in September 2012, by which time over 600 would-be lawyers had signed up to it (7 September 2012).

Dundas and Wilson has told London trainees due to qualify in 2013 that they face a scramble for newly qualified jobs (24 May 2013).