US fee hike sees law student donate $19K

Law graduates in the US have been inspired to dig deep after a first-year law student at Virginia&#39s George Mason University donated $19,200 (£11,900) to help needy colleagues cover a rise in tuition costs.

The original gift was made after the university imposed a $192 (£119) fee increase on students last year. In an interview with The Washington Post, the anonymous donor said he had paid the fee increase for 100 people because the increased cost would bring hardship to some students. “Many of them are just starting out in life,” he added. “It seemed like they could use the help.”

News of the student&#39s generosity has since spurred 30 other George Mason lawyers into pledging $11,000 (£6,800) between them, including a $1,000 (£619) lump sum from another first year.

Funding will be available on a means tested basis and to those who apply the fastest, a school official said.