Song nerds

At a dinner and awards ceremony to mark the end of the British Councils European Young Lawyers (EYL) Scheme 2004, attended by the Snail, things got rather strange.

The event, which took place at the Law Societys Chancery Lane headquarters, took on an unusual turn towards the end of the evening, when those crazy young lawyers decided that the night should end with a European-style singalong.

So the great and the good, including Baroness Kennedy, College of Law chief executive Nigel Savage and Clifford Chance London managing partner Peter Charlton, not wanting to look like bad sports, had to join in, while the members of the press sneered at the sidelines.

The song being murdered was Singin in the Rain, but as if this wasnt bad enough, the EYLs forced them into some decidedly dodgy dance moves, which looked like something akin to the Time Warp but worse (if thats possible).

Although Savage flung himself fully into the jolly japes and was spotted later entertaining students at the free bar, others were not so impressed, with one cynic saying bitterly: I feel like Im at the Eurovision Song Contest.