Simmons trainee to captain UK team in European Kendo Championships

A Simmons & Simmons trainee has been selected to captain the British Kendo team in the martial arts forthcoming European Championships.

At the end of January, Anthony Scott learnt that he had been chosen to lead the seven-strong team to compete at the championships, which will be held in Hungary in April.

As captain, it will be Scott’s responsibility to take the training sessions, give advice to team members on their technique and help the manager select the team.

Scott, a first seat trainee, commented: “I became interested in it after studying Japanese at university and thought it would be a good way to learn about the culture of Japan.”

He is hoping to get some funding from his firm, as lottery funding one of the main sources of financial support for amateur sport is not available to national teams.

“I’m hoping we can make the semi-final. If we dont, I’ll be disappointed,” Scott added.

Kendo is a combination of two Japanese words: ken, meaning sword, and do, meaning road or way, resulting in the mystical-sounding the way of the sword.