Masons trainees hope for merger windfall

Masons trainees may be in for a Christmas windfall if the firm increases its trainee salaries to match those paid to their new colleagues at Pinsents.

As Lawyer 2B went to press, the two firms were still reviewing how to integrate trainee remuneration packages following their decision to merge, taken on 27 September.

First-year Masons trainees earn 25,000 compared with 28,000 at Pinsents. Newly-qualified solicitors are also better off at Pinsents, as they earn 48,000 3,500 more than their Masons counterparts.

The merged firm, Pinsent Masons, goes live on 6 December and will boast a turnover of around 150m.

Meanwhile, DLA has vowed that the firm will not be imposing US-style billing targets on its trainees, nor significant pay increases following the merger with Chicagos Piper Rudnick. HR head Robert Halton told Lawyer 2B that UK trainees would retain their billable hours target of 600 hours per year. We will not be importing the US hours and salary culture, said Halton.

DLA and Piper Rudnick are to vote on their proposed merger on 4 December, which would create a global top 10 firm with almost 3,000 lawyers.