Lovells’ new office proves top attraction

City firm Lovells has noticed a 25 per cent rise in the number of applicants accepting training contracts since it moved into its swanky new building earlier this year.

The sight of Atlantic House, Lovells’ new home, has been enough to convince more students than ever that they want to join the firm. Lovells’ head of graduate recruitment Clare Harris admitted that the firm’s old offices could have been “a bit of a turn-off” to some people.

“People would come and see us and then go to one of the other firms, and while the work may be similar and the people all really nice, what might have made the difference was the building,” she said.

Harris believes that the new office, which has its own branch of Starbucks, an auditorium and a swish staff restaurant where food is designed ’theatre-style’, is boosting the firm’s popularity.

“It’s nice to have a sense of pride when you walk into your office,” said Harris. “Our acceptance rate is usually around 60 people, but we’ve recruited more than 70 trainees this year. We can take up to 80 people, but because we want the right people, if we don’t see 80 people we like then we don’t mind. We don’t just fill places for the sake of filling them.”