I have never felt strongly enough about any issue to voice an opinion outside my circle, but I am so incensed by the recent legal education proposals that I have to write to you.

I gave up nursing to study law six years ago. As a single parent this was a huge commitment both in time and financially.

I chose law as I felt I was bettering myself, that Id be of a higher status and in a more respected profession and that the sacrifices would therefore all be worth it.

After doing the LLB, LLM and now the LPC, along with my training contract, I am demotivated by Februarys Lawyer 2B article [on the Training Framework Review plan to abolish vocational training].

I think the routes to qualification are flexible enough. I went into it aged 31 with no formal qualifications bar my nursing course and have continued to nurse to fund the study, so accessibility/cost is not a strong argument for the changes.

What is being missed is that these accessibility obstacles are a filtering process.

Getting through the system is rigorous, stressful, demanding and intellectually draining. The determination needed is a character-building exercise in preparation for the real legal world.

Given the option of the new proposals, I wouldnt change the route Ive taken, as I feel the foundations in law need to be set at the beginning of the study process.

Had I known six years ago that the profession would be so dumbed down, enabling any Tom, Dick and Harry in, I wouldnt have left my previous profession.

Okay, off the soapbox now.