The law can be a minefield. And I’m not talking about the trusts course, either; the legal industry itself is phenomenally complex.

Who’s in the magic circle? Why is everyone suddenly opening offices in Germany? Are US law firms in London really in it for the long term? Is the bar doomed? Don’t worry, you’ll find the answers to all these questions in this issue.

Make no mistake – as well as silky social skills, lateral thinking and a sound knowledge of the finer points of land law, firms will expect you to have an understanding of the market in which they operate.
Which is where Lawyer 2B comes in. Many of you will already be aware of The Lawyer, the number one publication for the legal profession. Lawyer 2B builds on The Lawyer’s success to bring you a publication dedicated to law students. We will be reporting not only on what is going on in the legal market and in legal education, but also about how law impacts on real life. If your head is spinning at the thought of intellectual property, turn to page 22 to find out how an Arsenal stallholder took on the Gunners in court – and won. If you’re curious as to what technology lawyers actually do, check out our feature on the shenanigans behind the mobile phone industry on page 18. And turn to page 12 to find out how Channel 4 lawyers coped with the live broadcasts of Big Brother last summer.

What’s more, Lawyer 2B has teamed up with Lawtel (the UK’s leading online legal information service, which already delivers case reports to more than 32,000 legal professionals every day) to bring you up-to-the-minute information on key current cases in the core areas of law.

On top of this, we’ll be helping you through the application process itself, with a guide to interviews and training, plus a special pullout listings supplement which will give you the essentials on all the major law firms in the country.

Of course, if you just can’t get enough of this, and you want all the biggest stories and the most incisive analysis in the legal market on a weekly basis, then why not subscribe to The Lawyer as well? We’re offering Lawyer 2B readers subscriptions to The Lawyer at the special half-price rate of at 40 – and with that, a chance to win a Peugeot Luxor scooter.

Of course, at this stage in your career you’re probably just hoping to get past the interviews. But Lawyer 2B will help you do a lot more than that. Read on.