Lawyer’s book cover finally gets blown

Apparently everyone has a novel inside them waiting to get out. This summer one lawyer discovered what happens when the novel does get out.

In July a small independent publishing house released a novel called Fish Sunday Thinking. Written by Alex Gilmore, it depicted the troubles of a trainee lawyer in a City law firm, complete with scenes of scandal. Speculation was rife as to which law firm was the inspiration for the book, and who this ‘Alex Gilmore’ might be.

Eventually a tabloid blew Gilmore’s cover. He turned out to be a lawyer called Paul Wragg, an assistant at niche insurance firm Robin Simon.

Wragg had done his training contract at Hammonds in London (a fact easily guessed by any current Hammonds trainee, given that the main character, Denton Voyle, inhabits a Barbican flat). Of course, Hammonds instantly denied that the book was based on fact. Wragg went to ground.

The book, meanwhile, shot on to Amazon’s bestseller list. A happy end for all concerned.