Is it possible to graduate from an English university and then train in the US? If so, how would I go about it?

Each US state sets its own rules for bar admission so its not possible to generalise about how a person can qualify in the US. Many believe that you need to be qualified in England before you can qualify in the US, however this is not always true. English law graduates seeking admission to a US bar may find their LLB law degree fulfills core admission requirements. For example, New York State allows English law graduates with at least three years of formal education in common law at a recognised university to apply to take the bar exam. However, all modules must have been taken in England. Individuals with two years of common law training may apply to take the bar exam after completing a one-year Masters of Law LLM programme at an approved American Bar Association institution. Keep in mind, these are the minimum requirements needed to reach the application stage, they do not automatically allow you to sit the exam.