Indian Bar Council accepts Leicester Uni&#39s law course students

Leicester University’ LLB has been recognised by the Bar Council of India as the first stage of professional training for Indian law students.

India is the latest of a whole host of former British colonies to endorse the Leicester course. Cyprus, Malaysia and Singapore also recognise it as part satisfaction of professional training for qualification as a lawyer.

Indian students wishing to take the Leicester course as part of their professional training will have to first complete an undergraduate degree in India.

Professor Robin White, dean of law at the University of Leicester, said: “We didn’ have to make any changes

India: Leicester is first stage to the course in order to get recognition. One of the things we bequeathed to the former colonies was the core of their legal systems so they look to the UK as a good source of quality legal education. Leicester is a city with a significant community whose origins are from the Indian subcontinent so I think it’ only right that we should have a link with the Bar Council of India. Since we describe ourselves as an international law school we thought we should have these links.”