I completed the LPC last summer and still haven’t secured a training contract. I’m therefore thinking about working as a paralegal. What’s the best way to secure a paralegal position?

There is high competition for paralegal roles as they are excellent introductions into a career in law and they will boost any CV. Which is why when applying for paralegal roles you should follow the same rules as you would when applying for a training contract. Make sure you always include as much information as possible on your CV work experience, vacation schemes, awards and training contracts to make sure you stand out from other LPC graduates. There are three methods that are best when attempting to secure paralegal work. The first is having a look on websites such as www.thelawyer.com, where you will find a list of the top national and international law firms along with their addresses. I would recommend sending your CV directly to the firms you would like to work for with a brief cover letter explaining your reasons. The second is to send your CV to recruitment agencies, which can give you career advice and help you to gain paralegal experience by approaching law firms on your behalf and securing you roles in a variety of firms and practice areas. Finally, have a look on internet job boards and the legal press, where many firms and agencies will advertise all their paralegal vacancies make sure you have a CV fully prepared and apply online.