Eddie the Eagle fits exams around movie

A host of stars are lined up to play Eddie &#39The Eagle&#39 Edwards, the wannabe lawyer and ski-jump hero, in a film about his life.

Edwards, who is currently a second-year law student at De Montfort University, could be played by Steve Coogan, Robert Carlyle, Mike Myers or Ewan McGregor, who is Edwards&#39 preferred choice.

“I&#39m going to do all the jumping for the film and they want me to promote it as well, so I&#39m going to be busy,” he said.

While the end of the second year sends most law students into a panic over summer placements and training contracts, Edwards is taking it all in his stride.

“I&#39ve not decided between the Bar Vocational Course or the Legal Practice Course,” he said.

Edwards: the legal eagle “I think I&#39ll do the LPC and then become a solicitor-advocate. I&#39d like to specialise in divorce and employment.”

Now that a 2.1 is almost in sight (“I don&#39t think I&#39ll be able to get a first”) Edwards hopes to find a training contract without too much bother.

“I don&#39t know whether my name will help or hinder me,” he said. “But I have an advantage in that it&#39s still known and I can bring my PR business with me, which is quite a good carrot to use.

“But this film is going to raise my profile again, so it&#39s all a bit of a grey area,” he added. “But I may as well ride it out as it will be my last major project as Eddie the Eagle. Then I want it to die a natural death.”