Charities receive 20K as trainee defeats North Pole

A Linklaters trainee has raised nearly 20,000 for charity after a completing a challenging eight-day walk to the North Pole.

Anouska Kachelo, who featured in the last edition of Lawyer 2B, embarked on the expedition to raise money for the Childrens Art Foundation, La Strada and Special Olympics, and to dispel stereotypes about Asian women.

Kachelo said she found the trip emotionally and physically draining. A typical day involved waking up at 4am, then walking, sometimes for 12 hours in temperatures of -20C, on cross-country skis.

Because the trip took place in April (summertime in the North Pole), the ice was breaking up and floating. The troop would sometimes wake up to find they had drifted four miles back during the night, or be forced to go off-course and walk around icy rivers. As a result, the 68-mile journey turned out to be 124 miles.

The journey threw up other challenges for the 24-year-old, who is used to the luxuries of London life. Kachelo was not allowed to change her clothes for the entire expedition. Imagine spending a day in your clothes, then going to the gym, going to sleep in them, then doing it all again. Thats what it was like, but for eight days, she said.

And because of the cold, the women also had to master the art of taking a pee standing up and using a funnel. The last straw was when the pick up plane was delayed by nine hours because the pilot was drunk.
Kachelo, however, is undaunted and aims to do a South Pole trip solo, although she is desperately searching for a corporate sponsor.

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