Addleshaws, BPP launch joint diversity initiative

BPP Law School has joined forces with a law firm for the first time to launch a groundbreaking diversity initiative.

The law school has teamed up with Addleshaw Goddard to introduce a scheme that will give six law students from non-traditional backgrounds the chance to participate in its summer vacation scheme.

Programme mentor Julia Chain, a commissioner for the Commission for Racial Equality and chief executive of the Kite Consultancy, who helped to devise the programme, said the traditional process of selecting students for a training placement favoured a certain type of candidate.

Chain said firms favoured students with an exceptional academic record and also gave a higher regard to those who studied at a particular university.

Addleshaws graduate recruitment manager Brett Galloway said: “This scheme demonstrates our genuine commitment to both diversity and excellence.

“With more than 1,000 graduates a year applying for training contracts with Addleshaws, we’re proud of the strength and rigour of our trainee recruitment programme.”

BPP chief executive Peter Crisp added that the programme aimed to “find innovative ways of identifying talent for the profession, especially from areas which have hitherto been underrepresented”.