&#39Unconventional&#39 job tips for students

A law lecturer has published a book of &#34unconventional and smart&#34 career tips and tactics to help students secure the job of their dreams.

Dee Allen, who teaches the University of London&#39s external LLB, described Dee Allen&#39s Success Strategies to get the Law Job You Want as a practical and comprehensive guide to the skills students are not taught at university.

&#34Getting the law job you want involves shameless self-promotion and networking and these [skills] are not mentioned elsewhere,&#34 said Allen.

&#34I did a session with students, most of whom seemed to think it was impossible to get the job they wanted.&#34

Allen, who landed her first job by walking into a law firm and demanding to speak to a partner, believes that students must be persistent, unafraid of rejection and self-disciplined.

&#34I am very aware of the anxieties faced by many aspiring lawyers. I went through the same anxieties and I believe this book will make a difference.&#34

Allen&#39s book will be available from April.