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Macfarlanes joins growing group of CV-blind firms

1-Apr-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Macfarlanes is recruiting its future vacation scheme applications via a CV-blind policy, and will “almost certainly” extend the scheme to its trainee recruitment.


Mayer Brown set to launch blind CV policy to boost social diversity

5-Mar-2014 | By Lucy Burton

Mayer Brown’s London office is close to implementing a blind CV policy in a bid to counter bias towards trainee applicants who received an Oxbridge degree or were educated privately. 


Magic circle won't follow CC's CV-blind route

4-Feb-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Allen & Overy, Freshfields and Linklaters will not follow the CV-blind interview process established by Clifford Chance, it has emerged.


The Watson Glaser and BCAT critical thinking tests


How to prepare for critical thinking appraisal tests and the deciding role they play in your legal career.

lazy unkempt untidy scruffy

Vacation schemes: dressing for interview


So many graduates with great CVs let themselves down by not looking right at interview. Paris Smith training partner Sarah Passemard runs through the mistakes she sees all the time. 


Dealing with training contract interview questions


Neeta Halai, owner of New Heights Training, is an experienced solicitor and trainer who works with lawyers and law students on legal and communication skills. She shares her tips on how to deal with those tricky questions and secure your position within the very competitive legal profession.


Negotiating the Bar Course Aptitude Test

17-Oct-2012 | By Christian Metcalfe

Too many students and not enough pupillages has pushed the BSB to launch a BPTC aptitude test. Christian Metcalfe gives some tips on how to pass

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Training Contract Assessment Centres - the lowdown


A number of my twitter followers (I tweet as @paralegaltony) have expressed their interest in preparing for sessions at training contract assessment centres (TCAC) in the hunt for a training contract (TC).


Interviews: prepare to succeed


How do you make the most of that coveted law firm ­interview? Our expert panel provides some valuable ­pointers

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How to survive: assessment days

20-Feb-2012 | By Laura Manning

Assessment days at your prospective firm can be a daunting experience but the opportunity to turn the eye of judgement around is there to use to your advantage.

  • stand out

    How to 'fit the mould' and be memorable at the same time

    Anyone can fit the mould. Anyone can be memorable. But can anyone fit the mould and be memorable at the same time?

  • speech spotlight rhetoric

    The role of rhetoric in everyday advocacy

    Professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh advises on a skill that every good barrister must have.

  • Trust Honesty Respect

    Gravitas – having impact and presence

    Professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh of the de Burgh Group advises on how to come across as credible, confident and competent.

  • social_media

    How not to let social media ruin your career

    It is now the norm for an employer to check your social media profile as they read through your application. Don’t let your Facebook profile or Twitter feed ruin your chances, says professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh.

  • network

    How to network

    Networking events can throw the best of vac schemers or trainees. Professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh of the de Burgh Group gives his list of what to do and what not to do the next time you need to attend one of these potentially torturous affairs.

  • x

    Engage, persuade, inspire – how to use your voice

    “It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it.’ Cases in court, business pitches and political speeches can be won and lost according to how you speak. Professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh of the de Burgh Group offers some advice on using your voice to engage, persuade and inspire.

  • x

    Dynamic impressions: how to make presentations

    Love them or loathe them presentations will be an integral part of your professional career and a common means of assessment, getting it right on these crucial occasions is certain to mark you out for great things - professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh of the de Burgh Group gives you some top tips on how to instil dynamism into your presentations.

alt careers small

Alternative careers in law

A career in the legal profession is not the exclusive preserve of those wishing to climb the greasy pole to partnership at one of the top City firms. Indeed, law graduates are highly regarded by employers because it is generally considered a tough discipline to master. So you should find that it can open many doors both inside and outside the legal profession.



Bird & Bird teams up with BT for science workshops

Bird & Bird and BT have teamed up to offer sixth-formers the chance to learn about intellectual property law while encouraging them to study science at university. 


Labour: We'll make a diverse legal profession our mission

The Labour party has stated its commitment to a more diverse legal profession, criticising past governments for their lack of commitment to the cause.




The traditional stereotype that most lawyers are white middle-class men is rapidly losing its value as firms embrace diversity schemes and reach out to students from a variety of social and ethnic backgrounds

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