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Is a robot about to steal your training contract?

17-Nov-2015 | By Richard Simmons

Science fiction has a lot of fancy futuristic concepts but there’s one bit of tech that gets almost taken for granted these days among the transporters, hoverboards and holograms.

Business Development

Business development for lawyers: Where can you win work from?

17-Nov-2015 | By Douglas McPherson

As complicated as some people try to make marketing and business development, for a solicitor there are only three sources of new work.


One third of young female lawyers have lost their ambition to reach the top

6-Nov-2015 | By Richard Simmons

One in three young female lawyers have lost ambition and interest in progressing to senior management, a new study has found.

Ruth Fenton

Bullying in law firms: how to cope

3-Nov-2015 | By Ruth Fenton

A law firm can be a stressful place to work, but have you ever wondered why? What’s the impact on you and ultimately the services you provide to your clients? The main factors which come into play are expectations, significance and certainty. Unfortunately add these three together and you have a breeding ground for stress and bullying. Here’s why…

Angus McBride

Angus McBride: defending champion

30-Oct-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

“We are all flawed”, replies Angus McBride when asked whether he passes moral judgement on his clients.

Rachel Tandy

Life at the Bar: a letter to my former self

29-Oct-2015 | By Rachel Tandy

Lawyer 2B’s tame barrister explains the intricacies of practice. This month she looks back on what she’s learned in the last three years.

Job search

Five tips on securing an NQ job at a new firm from The Lawyer Careers Podcast

26-Oct-2015 | By Richard Simmons

Today, The Lawyer’s Careers Podcast features four experts talking about how to get an NQ job at a new firm on qualification. Here’s some of their advice…


The Lawyer Careers Podcast: How to get an NQ job at a new firm

Lawyer 2B 26-Oct-2015

This Lawyer Careers Podcast is all about how to get an NQ job.

barrister bar bptc

BSB publishes Professional Statement defining what barristers should know on day one

21-Oct-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has published its Professional Statement, describing the knowledge and skills newly qualified barristers should hold on day one of their career.

Business Development

Business development for lawyers: four ways to approach BD

20-Oct-2015 | By Douglas McPherson

For some reason when business development is mentioned in the context of the legal profession, solicitors immediately think networking. However, while networking is still an essential marketing tool, there are a huge number of other tools at your disposal. 

Rob Flint

Why more young lawyers should get involved in politics


I am a lawyer with an interest in politics. And why not – most politicians have at least a passing interest in law, given that they write it. But what is it actually like for a junior lawyer to go into politics?

Sophie Landau

First year insight schemes and networking tips


The first year of university is a beautiful time – a time for broadening social horizons, for grabbing opportunities, and for studying (yes, that is definitely a part).


How to get a strategic edge during the LPC

8-Oct-2015 | By Michael Hornsey

The Legal Practice Course is gruelling test of intellectual athleticism – not a marathon like university but not a sprint like a vac scheme or summer school. You have to work hard without burning out and no one pretends it’s easy; even though the work itself is not difficult.


How to cope with work after experiencing a traumatic event

6-Oct-2015 | By Ruth Fenton

There is a perception in the legal profession that you have to be strong, ruthless, calculating and powerful.

Job search

Searching for an NQ job: getting the best from recruitment agencies

1-Oct-2015 | By Husnara Begum

If you’re a final-seat trainee looking for a newly-qualified role, here are a few things to bear in mind when using recruitment agencies.

Inns of court

Surviving pupillage: the view from the clerks' room


“You are low in the hierarchy here,” said the senior clerk to the junior clerk, “but he” - pointing at the pupil - “is lower than you”.*

Dr Steven Vaughan

Diversity and the profession: a reply to Lord Sumption


Last night, Lord Sumption, a Justice of the Supreme Court, was trending on Twitter. This, I think, was a first. The furore was linked to an interview given by Lord Sumption to the Evening Standard.

application interview

Final seat trainees: here’s how to find an NQ job at a new firm

22-Sep-2015 | By Husnara Begum

It’s widely accepted that a training contract is a two-year-long job interview with no guarantee of a newly qualified (NQ) associate position at the end. So if you’ve just entered your final seat and wondering what’s going to happen once you’ve finished your training then please take note.

Business Development

Business Development for lawyers: Why an interest in BD is vital to a successful legal career

15-Sep-2015 | By Douglas McPherson

In the first in a new series on business development for young lawyers, Douglas McPherson looks at why BD is important in the first place


Lawyer 2B's Student Attitude Survey

9-Sep-2015 | By Richard Simmons

Today’s students want job satisfaction and they are prepared to work long and hard to get it, as our survey into student attitudes shows.

RSS feed for Applications and interviews

Applications and interviews


Berwin Leighton Paisner begins contextual recruitment

10-Nov-2015 | By Richard Simmons

Berwin Leighton Paisner (BLP) has become the latest firm to adopt contextual recruitment for training contract applicants in this recruitment cycle.

rpc office

RPC becomes latest firm to sign up for 'contextual recruitment'

8-Oct-2015 | By Richard Simmons

Mid-sized firm RPC has become the latest firm to sign up for diversity organisation Rare Recruitment’s Contextual Recruitment System (CRS).

blackboard arrows

Magic circle signs up to contextual recruitment in new social mobility push

3-Sep-2015 | By Richard Simmons

The whole magic circle is among the latest batch of firms set to adopt the Contextual Recruitment System (CRS) in a bid to promote social mobility.

merger deal

Students to be recruited from second year as graduate recruitment code is transformed

29-Jul-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Law firms will be able to recruit future trainees from their second year at university due to a change in the graduate recruitment code.


Law Society replaces SRA to uphold graduate recruitment code

28-Jul-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

The Law Society has replaced the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) as a signatory to the graduate recruitment code, becoming the fourth governing organisation.

applications training contract student paperwork form

Training contract application forms: what not to write

22-Jul-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Cliches to avoid and common mistakes: what are graduate recruiters’ most regular complaints about training contract applications?


Law Society of Scotland urges law firms to adopt ‘fair access’ policies

21-Jul-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

The Law Society of Scotland has urged law firms to avoid asking candidates about their educational background and to accept alternative form of work experience in a bid to ensure fair access to the profession.

Business cards

Should students invest in business cards?


Some students do splash out on business cards - but is it worth it?


Weightmans brings in psychologist to revamp trainee application process

27-May-2015 | By Jonathon Manning

Weightmans has revamped its trainee application process with the help of an external occupational psychologist.

Employability webcast

Webcast: How to make yourself employable video

Lawyer 2B 23-Apr-2015

Expert advice on making yourself attractive to legal recruiters. 

  • stand out

    How to 'fit the mould' and be memorable at the same time

    Anyone can fit the mould. Anyone can be memorable. But can anyone fit the mould and be memorable at the same time?

  • speech spotlight rhetoric

    The role of rhetoric in everyday advocacy

    Professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh advises on a skill that every good barrister must have.

  • Trust Honesty Respect

    Gravitas – having impact and presence

    Professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh of the de Burgh Group advises on how to come across as credible, confident and competent.

  • social_media

    How not to let social media ruin your career

    It is now the norm for an employer to check your social media profile as they read through your application. Don’t let your Facebook profile or Twitter feed ruin your chances, says professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh.

  • network

    How to network

    Networking events can throw the best of vac schemers or trainees. Professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh of the de Burgh Group gives his list of what to do and what not to do the next time you need to attend one of these potentially torturous affairs.

  • x

    Engage, persuade, inspire – how to use your voice

    “It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it.’ Cases in court, business pitches and political speeches can be won and lost according to how you speak. Professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh of the de Burgh Group offers some advice on using your voice to engage, persuade and inspire.

  • x

    Dynamic impressions: how to make presentations

    Love them or loathe them presentations will be an integral part of your professional career and a common means of assessment, and getting it right on these crucial occasions is certain to mark you out for great things.


How firms can do more to help newly qualified solicitors

7-Sep-2015 | By Ruth Fenton

With September here many trainees are taking up positions as newly-qualified solicitors. It’s an exciting time for most trainees - finally they have achieved their goal. But what’s next?

Back to school - career advice for mid-career lawyers

Come to a mid-career block? Here’s how to move on or up

7-Sep-2015 | By Richard Simmons

As autumn sets in, are you thinking of moving up, around or away? How can mid-career professionals progress in private practice? And what are law firms doing to help them?

Charlotte Hagan

Survival tips for starting again as a NQ at a new firm


Just joined a new firm after completing your training contract? Here’s how to handle the transition…

Nilema Bhakti-Jones, GC at Top Right

My Career Story: "I took a career break"

7-Sep-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Top Right general counsel Nilema Bhakta-Jones charts her journey from pupillage to in-house via the Government Legal Service and the City.

Alex Curry, Ogier

My career story: "I moved offshore"


Alex Curry, a senior associate at Ogier, explains why he moved to the Channel Islands and provides advice on how to move to an offshore firm.

Martin Wright

Eight habits of highly effective networkers

7-Sep-2015 | By Charles Martin

If you cultivate your connections well, the long-term benefits are remarkable.

Law school

Don't go to law school without considering these seven factors

27-Aug-2015 | By Michael Hornsey

It’s tempting for smart, motivated university students in their second and third years to look for a prestigious career that pays well and law seems like an obvious choice.

merger deal

A foolproof guide to networking


Kaplan Law School held a personal branding and networking day last week. Here’s what we learned:


Career choices: Law, banking or accountancy?

12-Aug-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Which career would suit you best? Lawyer 2B looks at three industries and the qualities needed in each


Three in four lawyers burnt out

31-Jul-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Nearly three in every four lawyers are suffering from burnout or worried about the condition, a survey of 1,000 lawyers has revealed.

study studying GDL student

Four ways the LPC is useful during your training contract

28-Jul-2015 | By Michael Hornsey

It’s often said that you barely use anything you learn on the Legal Practice Course, but here are some times when it does come in useful during a training contract.


Should Manchester paralegals take advantage of Freshfields’ generous salary offer?

23-Jul-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer has made waves in Manchester by offering the city’s paralegals turbocharged salaries to switch allegiances.

applications training contract student paperwork form

Training contract application forms: what not to write

22-Jul-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Cliches to avoid and common mistakes: what are graduate recruiters’ most regular complaints about training contract applications?

Jay Sadanandan

Five things we learned from the Women in Law Empowerment Forum

1-Jul-2015 | By Natasha Bernal

The Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WILEF) launched its first event last week to talk about female ambition in the legal world, gathering some of the top female partners from US firms in the City to share their thoughts on how ambition can unlock opportunities (when used in the right way). 

Michael Hornsey

Five steps for survival as a first-seat trainee

30-Jun-2015 | By Michael Hornsey

If you’re a first-seat trainee feeling shell-shocked from your new work environment, these five steps will help you get your bearings. 

running man

If you haven't got a training contract after the LPC, is becoming a paralegal the best option?


If you’re determined to become a solicitor and have done the LPC but don’t have a training contact, is becoming a paralegal the next best step or would other commercial experience be as or more valuable?

Imran Khan

The big interview: Imran Khan

17-Jun-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

“What’s so interesting about me?” asks Imran Khan. “I’m just doing my job.”

Business cards

Should students invest in business cards?


Some students do splash out on business cards - but is it worth it?

Amal Alamuddin

10 practical career tips if you want to be a human rights lawyer

21-May-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Lawyer 2B attended a Law Society event on how to become a human rights lawyer earlier this week. Here’s what we learned.


​Junior lawyer life-hacks: commercial awareness


On top of excellent academics, a strong set of extra-curricular activities and plenty of legal experience, most firms now demand commercial awareness as part of their recruiting process.

Inns of Court bar barrister

Why the BSB’s Professional Statement matters for aspiring barristers

28-Apr-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) recently said that its professional statement could be the key to unlocking the bar for many people who are currently unable to access the profession.

Employability webcast

Webcast: How to make yourself employable video

Lawyer 2B 23-Apr-2015

Expert advice on making yourself attractive to legal recruiters. 

Fraser Galloway

Meet the Hogan Lovells NQ who's standing for Parliament


Fraser Galloway has just qualified at Hogan Lovells, but he’s currently campaigning to be elected as MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South.

Business Development & marketing



Not all lawyers choose to work in private practice. A growing number are being employed as advisors by all sorts of organisations: manufacturers, banks, oil companies, telecoms companies, football clubs, newspapers, central or local government, to name but a few. This is an overview of what’s it like working in-house, and what skills you need…

Women in management

Where are the women law firm leaders?

9-Mar-2015 | By Natasha Bernal

Just eight women hold senior management roles in the UK’s top 50 firms despite females dominating the profession at entry level. How can that gulf be closed and what career steps will make the top more reachable? We asked today’s leaders.

Nottingham law fair

First-year events: who does what?

5-Mar-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Events targeted at first-year undergrads are on the increase. What do different law firms do, and how can you get on one?

LGBT LGB gay diversity Gherkin

LGBT and the law: where do we go from here?

27-Feb-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

It is tempting to believe that the prejudice and problems experienced by gay people have now largely been consigned to the history books: an ugly issue which no modern professional would ever have to deal with. That’s wishful thinking however, and the reasons for it are more complex than straightforward homophobia.


Life as an in-house trainee


Chris Benn had a training contract offer from a large law firm but decided to train in-house instead. He explains why.

Openplan office

A day in the life of a paralegal


The kinds of jobs a trainee can expect to be given are well-documented, but what is the life of a paralegal like?

legal aid

Why become a legal aid lawyer?


The recent JLD work experience survey revealed that only 4 per cent of students want to go into legal aid work. Should more consider it?

alt careers small

Alternative careers in law

A career in the legal profession is not the exclusive preserve of those wishing to climb the greasy pole to partnership at one of the top City firms. Indeed, law graduates are highly regarded by employers because it is generally considered a tough discipline to master. So you should find that it can open many doors both inside and outside the legal profession.



Call for QCs to be scrapped as research shows barrister diversity divide

Three quarters of the UK’s top judges and QCs went to private school, a new survey by the Sutton Trust and PRIME has found.


Firms struggling with disability diversity as disclosure remains an issue

Disability remains the most under-represented diversity strand in the legal profession, with fewer than 1 per cent of lawyers at the largest firms reporting having a disability of any kind.




The traditional stereotype that most lawyers are white middle-class men is rapidly losing its value as firms embrace diversity schemes and reach out to students from a variety of social and ethnic backgrounds

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