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Fraser Galloway

Meet the Hogan Lovells NQ who's standing for Parliament


Fraser Galloway has just qualified at Hogan Lovells, but he’s currently campaigning to be elected as MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South.

Business Development & marketing



Not all lawyers choose to work in private practice. A growing number are being employed as advisors by all sorts of organisations: manufacturers, banks, oil companies, telecoms companies, football clubs, newspapers, central or local government, to name but a few. This is an overview of what’s it like working in-house, and what skills you need…

Women in management

Where are the women law firm leaders?

9-Mar-2015 | By Natasha Bernal

Just eight women hold senior management roles in the UK’s top 50 firms despite females dominating the profession at entry level. How can that gulf be closed and what career steps will make the top more reachable? We asked today’s leaders.

Nottingham law fair

First-year events: who does what?

5-Mar-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Events targeted at first-year undergrads are on the increase. What do different law firms do, and how can you get on one?

LGBT LGB gay diversity Gherkin

LGBT and the law: where do we go from here?

27-Feb-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

It is tempting to believe that the prejudice and problems experienced by gay people have now largely been consigned to the history books: an ugly issue which no modern professional would ever have to deal with. That’s wishful thinking however, and the reasons for it are more complex than straightforward homophobia.


Life as an in-house trainee


Chris Benn had a training contract offer from a large law firm but decided to train in-house instead. He explains why.

Openplan office

A day in the life of a paralegal


The kinds of jobs a trainee can expect to be given are well-documented, but what is the life of a paralegal like?

legal aid

Why become a legal aid lawyer?


The recent JLD work experience survey revealed that only 4 per cent of students want to go into legal aid work. Should more consider it?

Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen Kaur's journey from Afghan refugee to Nabarro trainee

5-Dec-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

“I don’t want this to be a sob story,” says Nabarro paralegal and future trainee Jasleen Kaur. “I want to encourage other people, who might not feel like they can do it, or have been in a similar situation to mine.”


Turning a vacation scheme into a training contract


A successful vac schemer shares his tips for bagging a training contract.


Moving on up: Lawyer 2B catches up with some old friends

2-Dec-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Lawyer 2B has interviewed a lot of trainees over the years. We caught up with a couple of them to see how their careers have progressed

Freebies notebooks

Law fairs 2014: freebies round-up

28-Nov-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Lawyer 2B’s annual review of the best gifts being handed out on the law fair milkround.

Rachel Tandy

Life at the bar: Using your dress sense

20-Nov-2014 | By Rachel Tandy

Lawyer 2B’s tame barrister negotiates the intricacies of life in practice. This issue: dressing for court


Solicitor advocates: The best of both worlds

19-Nov-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Fancy speaking out in court but don’t want the instability of life at the bar? Being a solicitor advocate could be the answer. 


Disability in the City: “You have two options - either curl up under the duvet and cry or get up and decide to carry on.”

12-Nov-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Disabled lawyers and law students met this week to discuss working in the City.


Drama at the Inns!


Actors and barristers demonstrate their transferable skills in a series of productions of Elizabethan plays at the Inns of Court.

study studying GDL student

Legal education: are the right things being taught? video


The legal landscape is changing and questions are being raised about whether legal education is still fit for purpose. Lawyer 2B assembled some experts to give their views…


What’s the point of your student law society?

16-Sep-2014 | By Amy Woolfson

Most universities have a law society. But with so much pressure on your time already, why should you get involved, asks Amy Woolfson


Stress in law: Time management

29-May-2014 | By Husnara Begum

Lawyers have big workloads and if you don’t keep on top of things you’ll never leave the office. So get your house in order with some time management tips


Lawyer 2B Stress Survey: what are the chief causes of stress?

29-May-2014 | By Richard Simmons

Having too much work and too little time to do it is the main cause of stress; less than a quarter worry about 

RSS feed for Applications and interviews

Applications and interviews


Student panic as bar school application website crashes on deadline day

12-Jan-2015 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Bar school applications website Bar Student Application Service (BARSAS) has experienced severe technical difficulties during the final days before deadline day.


Reed Smith revamps selection process to focus on strength-based assessment

12-Dec-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Reed Smith has overhauled its approach to selecting trainees and vacation scheme students, switching its process to strength-based assessment in a bid to find candidates who display eight key qualities.

curriculum vitae

Midnight training contract deadline looms as intake numbers shrink

30-Jul-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

The date for would-be lawyers to submit their training contract applications is imminent, with most applicants facing a deadline of midnight tomorrow.

Sophie Khan

CV-blind policies are just one step in right direction


Lawyers from diverse backgrounds are an untapped resource but more needs to be done to achieve equal footing.

curriculum vitae

Macfarlanes rolls out CV-blind policy to training contract applicants

16-Jul-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Macfarlanes has extended its CV-blind policy to its training contracts, making it the third firm to select its trainees using this method.


Training contract application questions: tips from the experts

26-Jun-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

Some indispensable advice for tackling common questions on training contract application forms.


US firms consider new interview techniques

10-Jun-2014 | By Becky Waller-Davies

US-headquartered firms Shearman & Sterling and Reed Smith are considering changing their interview methods for their training contract and vacation scheme applicants.


Webcast: How to make successful training contract applications video subscription

Lawyer 2B 5-Jun-2014

Making training contract applications this summer? Watch this video first!


Stress in law: Time management

29-May-2014 | By Husnara Begum

Lawyers have big workloads and if you don’t keep on top of things you’ll never leave the office. So get your house in order with some time management tips


Hogan Lovells mulls joining the blind CV rush

20-May-2014 | By Lucy Burton

Hogan Lovells is considering taking up a blind curriculum vitae (CV) policy in a bid to counter bias towards trainee applicants who received an Oxbridge degree or were educated privately.

  • stand out

    How to 'fit the mould' and be memorable at the same time

    Anyone can fit the mould. Anyone can be memorable. But can anyone fit the mould and be memorable at the same time?

  • speech spotlight rhetoric

    The role of rhetoric in everyday advocacy

    Professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh advises on a skill that every good barrister must have.

  • Trust Honesty Respect

    Gravitas – having impact and presence

    Professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh of the de Burgh Group advises on how to come across as credible, confident and competent.

  • social_media

    How not to let social media ruin your career

    It is now the norm for an employer to check your social media profile as they read through your application. Don’t let your Facebook profile or Twitter feed ruin your chances, says professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh.

  • network

    How to network

    Networking events can throw the best of vac schemers or trainees. Professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh of the de Burgh Group gives his list of what to do and what not to do the next time you need to attend one of these potentially torturous affairs.

  • x

    Engage, persuade, inspire – how to use your voice

    “It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it.’ Cases in court, business pitches and political speeches can be won and lost according to how you speak. Professional public speaker and presentation coach Luan de Burgh of the de Burgh Group offers some advice on using your voice to engage, persuade and inspire.

  • x

    Dynamic impressions: how to make presentations

    Love them or loathe them presentations will be an integral part of your professional career and a common means of assessment, and getting it right on these crucial occasions is certain to mark you out for great things.

alt careers small

Alternative careers in law

A career in the legal profession is not the exclusive preserve of those wishing to climb the greasy pole to partnership at one of the top City firms. Indeed, law graduates are highly regarded by employers because it is generally considered a tough discipline to master. So you should find that it can open many doors both inside and outside the legal profession.




So you want to be a lawyer? This handy beginner's guide take you through the basics, step by step