Wragges attempts to reduce stress by monitoring lawyers’ voices

Firms including Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co are aiming to reduce their lawyers’ stress levels by monitoring their voices on the telephone via an app.

The app, named Kelaa, is manufactured by Soma Analytics and monitors voices for stress levels, calculating fatigue by measuring a participant’s cognitive function when using their phone.

It aggregates data for firm’s HR teams to review and potentially implement stress reduction strategies from, and also providers users with tips on sleeping and mindfulness.

Soma Analytics’ CEO Johann Huber told Lawyer 2B: “In essence the app measures the impact of stress on you by the way you use phone and how much time it takes you to perform tasks.

“The app’s tips are all about those tiny little choices you make over a day. It is those incremental changes that when aggregated have a big impact on a person’s stress levels.”

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co found that its focus group’s stress levels reduced by between 10 and 15 per cent over a 21-day period. The stress levels of the group, comprised of 25-30 people of a mix of ages and genders, had previously been benchmarked by the app as being at the worse than the UK average. This improvement brought their stress levels down to the average.

Wragges’ HR director Chris Oglethorpe said: “Busy professionals, whether they be lawyers or not, are at the low end of the [stress] spectrum because of pressures they are under. From the app we got objective statistics-based feedback and subjective feedback from our people in both London and Birmingham. It was very insightful.”


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