Washington law school makes bid for international outlook

Washington University’s School of Law has started to teach an online masters in US law to students across the globe.

Those studying the @WashULaw programme are in locations as diverse as Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico and Pakistan. All are established lawyers wanting to educate themselves in US law to better practise in a globalised legal market.

They include senior partners at law firms, a member of the Parliament of India and a practising physician working in healthcare reform. All have gained a law degree already and most have advanced degrees such as LLMs, PhDs, MBAs and MDs.

Students learn in web-based, live, face-to-face classes taught by professors who also teach the on-campus programme, including the dean and vice-dean. They also have the option to attend a summer immersion course in the US, where they will visit cities such as Washington, D.C, and St. Louis to better understand the American legal environment.

Melissa Waters, vice dean, professor of law, and co-director of @WashULaw, said: “The calibre of this first cohort demonstrates the growing interest among top international lawyers to enhance their understanding of US law and apply what they learn in their practice.”

A law school in Arizona has decreased its fees in response to the drop in law students in the US (10 April 2013).